John Little

Terri Little


JOHN LITTLE is the Founder/Director of Nautilus North Strength & Fitness Centre. John has been a pioneer in the field of exercise for over twenty years (please see testimonials section). The author of more than 30 books on bodybuilding, martial arts, history, and philosophy and the creator/author of Max Contraction™ Training and coauthor of Power Factor Training and Static Contraction Training, and has worked with and alongside all of the biggest names in the bodybuilding and fitness world, from Mike Mentzer, Joe Weider, Tony Robbins and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Steve Reeves. His articles on health and fitness have been published in internationally in such magazines as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men's Fitness, Ironman, Muscle Mag International, Bodybuilding Monthly, Muscular Development, Martial Arts Legends, Inside Kung Fu, and Blackbelt. He has trained everyone from Olympic athletes to amateur hockey players.

TERRI LITTLE is the co-founder/director of Nautilus North Strength & Fitness Centre. A dedicated athlete who competed in gymnastics and figure skating, Terri has always placed a premium on physical fitness. In addition to her training and professional work, Terri is also a mother of four with a very busy schedule who knows the value her clients place on maximum results in minimum time. She has shared in her husband’s passion for finding – and creating – a better, more efficient way to fitness and is the authority most women seek out to learn more about Nautilus and the benefits of high intensity exercise.